Welcome to Midwest Charity Horse Show


The Midwest Charity Horse Show will be held June 12-16, 2018, at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

The Midwest Charity Horse Show will be held in the Covered Arena adjacent to the Illinois State Fair Coliseum due to its closing.  Additional practice rings have been added for the event.


Updates to the Prize List:

Midwest Charity Horse Show offers the ASB Country Pleasure Five Gaited.  The classes are listed in the class schedule but are missing from the bottom of page 18 in class descriptions of the Prize List:


55. ASB Country Pleasure Five Gaited.............................$40.00 entry fee
131.  ASB Country Pleasure Five Gaited Championship..$60.00 entry fee

The Arabian Horse Association requires an Education (9-90) fee of $4.00.  This should be listed in the prize list for AHA fees on page 5.  It is listed on the entry form.  



The 77th Annual Midwest Charity Horse Show is proud to announce that the following judges have accepted our invitation to officiate: Allison Deardorff, Mary Marcum Orr, Melissa Moore, Stephanie Douglas.

For more information about the Midwest Charity Horse Show, contact Show Manager/President, Carole Kennedy at ckennedy0317@gmail.com .Continue to check www.midwestcharity.com or our Facebook page for updates regarding our show.

Thank you!!

Carole Kennedy